The Turkish- European Cultural Center is founded upon the dreams which Europe would like to be come true since Renaissance.

The Renaissance has appeared in Italy, but in a short time, it has spreaded in all over Europe. As Renaissance, The Enlightenment philosophy has appeared in a European country, in France, and it has became effective in all countries in Europe in a short time. This can be seen in all alan in Europe. The Art Nouveau type buildings exist in both Paris, Riga and İstanbul.

Actually this main thougt forms the constructive stones of European Union. Therefore, there exists an Europe that has the countries whom their cultural differences and similarities are in harmony

In Europe, the circulation of the people and the cultures not only has appeared with the formation of European Union. Before and after Renaissance, through many years, there has been the circulation of the people and cultures in Europe, and these cultures has effected each other.

The terms like European literature, European painting, European architechture etc has been used long time ago before the European Union formation. When we take a look at the lives of artists like Lenardo da Vinci, Rilke or Monèt, we can understand their European identities.

It is obvious that, this situation has a cultural context in the first place. The European culture has an uniting role for over many years.

But today, globalization is about to conquer all the world, therefore a cultural hegemony is about begin.

Today, it is being interested in media stars instead of writers and philosophers who form the main elements of culture. It is being prefered Hollywood movies instead of opera and theatre, fast foods instead of European kitchen.

To think that a Europe which has lost it's cultural values can have an effective role in the future of world, is not credible. An Europe with lost values means humanity with lost cultural past.

Turkey can contribute to the cultural values of Europe in the future with it's rich cultural treasure. Turkey has a strenght to associate to a new cultural improvement with it's cultural variety and richness. New generations must be grown up with common European ideals. The European cultural ihneritance, is the humanbeing's most important cultural inheritance. The common cultural values which the Turkish culture is going to include is the main element to people to understand each other.

The humanist thought which is appeared with the thinkers like Erasmus, Montaigne and Yunus Emre, is going to be the temel of the culture of the future.

The Turkish- European Cultural Center is established with these main aims. Our foundation believes in a culture that has the human at it's center.